Fun, Safe, Exhilarating - Adrenaline Rush Guaranteed!


Experience 1 to 1.5 hour's of awesome jet boating on the Motu River and view the majestic scenery from the base of the River up into the remote mountains,  it travels through the last significant area of untracked native bush in the North Island. The Motu banks are covered with unique and rare flora amongst ancient Maori history. The river was the first in New Zealand to be totally protected by New Zealand government conservation order.


There are many jet boat tours in NZ that equal the thrill and excitement of jet boating. The Motu Jet Boat Tour offers offers access into the countries most remote and unaltered native sceneries which is rarely viewed. The commentary offers the ecological and historical value of the river, with the added excitement of the adventure and wilderness jet boating.


Our trips are extremely exhilarating, we can accommodate up to 9 passengers on a boat or 6 on our smaller boat, we recommend you book ahead so you don't miss out - especially in the peak months October through to April.  


We have minimum number requirement for some of our departures so please ensure you enter a contact phone number or email address where we can contact you should we need to reschedule your departure at all.


We require a minimum of 2 passengers


The Jet Boat Tour Includes:


  • All safety equipment

  • Life Jackets

  • Professional Service


Duration: 1.5 hr Trip


Adult 16 or older:         $110

11 years - 15 yrs:            $75 

10 years and under:    $65

Daily Departures: (by booking only)

Summer: 10am, 12 noon, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm

On demand rest of the year.

Departs from Motu Bridge, State Highway 35

Optional Historic Motu River Walks Available:  Please inquire.

Optional Rafting Available:  Please inquire.

Hunting Jetboat Tours:

Red Deer, Wild Pig and Goat live within the Raukumara ranges, there is Jet Boat drop-off with a Raft out or Jet Boat pick-up.

Firearms licenses required. The best time for hunting Deer is our spring (Sept - Dec) Hunting Wild Pig is best in the Winter months. (May - Aug)